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Win a HAL Cruise with our ‘4 Corners of the World’ Facebook Sweepstakes


To celebrate our upcoming 140th Anniversary, we’re launching a contest on Facebook that will award four fans a cruise for two on any Holland America Line sailing of up to 14 days in an ocean-view stateroom, subject to availability.

To enter the sweepstakes, click on the “4 Corners of the World” image in the right navigation bar on the blog to access the sweepstakes on Facebook or simply go to our Facebook page. Visitors to Holland America Line’s Facebook page must “like” us, click on the “Win a Cruise” tab then submit the required information. Easy as that!

The sweepstakes ends May 8, 2013, at 10 a.m. PDT, and the four winners will be selected in a random drawing on or around May 13, 2013. (The sweepstakes is limited to legal residents 18 years of age or older from the United States, District of Columbia, Canada — except Quebec — the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.)

Good luck! And if you win, send photos of your celebratory cruise to the blog at

  • Sasha

    Is there a way to enter if you are not on Facebook?

  • suzanne

    same question…how can one enter if one is not on Facebook and does not want to be on facebook. Seems to me you are penalizing Mariners who are not on Facebook.

  • Julie

    This sweepstakes requires participants to have a Facebook account to enter and the only accepted method of entry is via Facebook. We have a similar sweepstakes running on the Holland America Line website that does not require participants to have a Facebook account or enter on Facebook. Please click the following link to enter that sweepstakes. Thank you for understanding. Julie, HAB editor

    HAL Website contest:

  • Clem

    Thanks for the info. I will enter there. We are looking forward to our first HAL cruise and are enjoying learning from these great blogs.

    But I thought it was illegal to not offer an alternative form of entry in a sweepstakes, that did not require joining something or buying a product.

    Joining Facebook is buying a product, as both Facebook and the commercial owner of a Facebook account, have access to information about registrants, such as what other websites an account visits. ????? Not only that, but some don’t have access to the Internet, so would need to send an entry in.

  • Julie

    Clem, we confirmed with our lawyers, and we’ve been advised that registering to use FB and having access to a computer with Internet is not the same as having to buy a product for sweepstakes purposes.

    An alternate means of entry is required if an entrant has to provide consideration, which usually means some kind of payment. Registering for FB requires users to agree to FB’s terms & conditions, and to have access to a computer with Internet access, but those things are generally not thought to require consideration. Generally, for sweepstakes purposes, joining FB is not like buying a product, because buying the product requires one to spend money and joining FB does not.

    HAB Editor

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