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Where In the World Is Nieuw Amsterdam’s Horn?

Here’s an intriguing note and photo from Hans Janssen:

Dear HAL-Friends,

I hereby send you something special. It’s a photo of the steamhorn of the s.s. Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938). This horn is one of the components which are saved from the ship before it was scrapped in Taiwan.

The photo was made by a Dutch member of the “Kombuispraat” forum during “Dordt in stoom” in 2006.

Wouldn’t it be a good thing if it was made possible that this horn can put on the newbuilding Nieuw Amsterdam just like Cunard did with the QM2 ?

The only problem is that we have to find out where the horn is at this moment and who is the owner.

In any case, this is the picture.

Kind regards,

Hans Janssen

Ship's horn from Nieuw Amsterdam II.

Ship's horn from Nieuw Amsterdam II.

  • alexanderb

    I’ve some contact with the people of the festival “Dordt in Stoom”…

  • Hans

    The problem with this horn was and is that it’s sound is much to loud for using ashore.

    So why would it not be placed there where it belongs.

    On the Nieuw Amsterdam.

  • Maasdam

    I was wondering to, as I know that she was also used some years ago at the opening of a new building in Delft. My question fore HAL is would HAL consider to use the horn similar as Cunard did with the Queen Mary horn. It would be fantastic to hear here voice once again.

    Greetings Ben.

  • Hans

    Perhaps I’ve found something.

    I’ve send a mail and waiting for a reply.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hans

    I’ve found it.

    I’ll sent the details by mail.


  • aadh

    That would be fantatic. To realy hear Nieuw Amsterdam’s voice again.

    I keep my fingres croseed this will realy happen.


  • Tom

    I am new at this blog. (but followed it from some time now).
    I could not resist leaving a reply on this toppic. It would be great if the original horn would be back on the new Nieuw Amsterdam. The only place were this horn belongs is on this ship. What a pity it would be to keep it on shore were you can not hear it in the way you suppose to hear! (and indeed its to loud)
    I hope to meet the new Nieuw Amsterdam some day whit te voice of her predecessor.

    Greetings Tom

  • deze week stond hij bij strik in sgravenzande waar ze hem gingen testen

    Waanzinnig deze hoorn.

  • Hans de Visser

    I post a video at my FLICKR album with several horns in a demonstration in Oostende this year.
    the NIEUW AMSTERDAM can be heard too here is the link:

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