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We Lost a Member of our Blog Family

To all of our blog fans, it is with great sadness that we report Ben van Zeijl, a frequent contributor and avid Holland America Line enthusiast, has passed away. He’s been a huge supporter going back to the Eurodam Blog, and he was a dear friend to us all.

Just type his name into the search and you can see all of his wonderful posts. He had incredible knowledge about HAL history, and we always looked forward to getting one of his posts. Ben, you will be missed.

  • andrew johnson

    just wondering what happened to him? – because he was passed away so soon
    and i remember Eurodam blog – in days before holland america had own blog

  • Brad

    Ben will definitely be missed. Rust in vrede friend.

  • Diane

    Ben was only 43 years old and was far too young to be taken away from his friends and family.

    Andrew – Ben has been ill for some time, but I don’t think this is the place to say why he passed away.

    He was a kind generous person and everyone thought very highly of him. He loved anything to do with HAL. He once won a trip to Alaska (can’t remember which ship) and had a wonderful time.

    He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

  • Eric Wood

    Eric Wood
    So sorry to learn that Ben has passed away. His contributions were filled with facts presented with enthusiasm and devotion. Rest in Peace.

  • Ine

    We will certainly him and his photos. Rust in vrede.

  • Patricia Dempsey

    He will indeed be greatly missed. I’ve known him a long time, meeting up several times over the years. I last saw him on the 7th June and he talked about his Alaska cruise, making us laugh at his stories. I reminded him of the time he almost got us thrown out of a room on the SS Rotterdam in 2010. He had been arguing with one of the staff about the ship and he remembered every word he’d said at that time. He gave me his most treasured HAL possession from the 125th anniversary which I will look after for him. He was my lovely Ben and I am glad to have been part of his all too short life.

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