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The “new” Nieuw Amsterdam meets the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam

As you can see, I am back on the Nieuw Amsterdam and couldn’t believe what I saw when we came into the port of Corfu. Of course, having worked on her, I recognized the ship from miles away. Although called different now, we docked directly next to the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam! Operating from the same pier, the old and the new Nieuw Amsterdam were sisterly and happily reunited for a couple of hours and showing proudly their grand lines.

In talking with the crew coming off the gangway, I was able to get up to about 30 Crew Members currently on the new Nieuw Amsterdam mentioning that they had worked on the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam. I also have many footsteps on the old Nieuw Amsterdam as I worked on her in the position of Assistant Controller. Everybody I spoke with that had worked on her, all agreed with me that we all had fabulous times while sailing in her.

The story actually continues as, in talking with two individuals, they mentioned to me that they both met their loved ones for the first time on the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam. They are: Our IT Officer Henk who met Doreen (now his wife) for the first time on the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam and our Captain van Zaane met Apollonia (now his wife) for the first time on the “old” Nieuw Amsterdam as well.

It was good to see the old Nieuw Amsterdam as it brought back fond memories.

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  • Mico Kaiko

    I was on board on those ship……

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