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Next Holland America Line Pinnacle-Class Ship to be Named ms Nieuw Statendam

Holland America Line announced today that the name of the next Pinnacle Class ship set for delivery in fall 2018 will be ms Nieuw Statendam.

Honoring the company’s past while keeping its eyes on the future, Nieuw Statendam will be the sixth ship in Holland America Line’s history to bear the name Statendam. It will be built at Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard in Italy, and construction will begin this summer.

Like sister-ship ms Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam represents a new class of ship for the cruise line. Carrying 2,650 guests, the 99,500-gross-ton ship will feature several of the innovative venues that were introduced on Koningsdam as well as new concepts that will debut on the newbuild.

“Holland America Line is writing the next chapter in our evolving story, yet we are a company with a deep history, and the name ms Nieuw Statendam perfectly blends our past, present and future,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “The previous Statendam ships have been among the most beloved in our history, and we eagerly anticipate sharing this beautiful new ship with our guests in 2018.”

Renowned hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany’s designs will be featured on Nieuw Statendam, bringing his unique vision to this latest vessel as he did with Koningsdam. Also, several public areas will be designed by Bjorn Storbraaten, who successfully worked with Holland America Line on Koningsdam, ms Eurodam and ms Nieuw Amsterdam in designing the ship’s public rooms.

The History of the Statendam Ships

The first Statendam launched in 1898 and was just 10,491 gross tons. It served the fleet until 1911. The second Statendam was built in the 1910s for Holland America Line but was sold to White Star Line as Justicia before it entered service. The next Statendam served the line from 1929 until 1940, when it was scrapped after a fire.

From left, Statendam I, II and III. Photos from and Captain Albert.

From left, Statendam I, II and III. Photos from and Captain Albert.

The fourth Statendam launched in 1957 and was christened by an 18-year-old Dutch Crown Princess Beatrix, who would later become Queen and name Eurodam as well. On Jan. 7, 1958, the ship departed on a 110-day World Cruise, the first for Holland America Line. Statendam remained in the fleet until 1982, when it was sold to Paquet Cruises. The fifth ship to carry the Statendam name launched in 1993 and served the line until 2015, when it was transferred to sister cruise line P&O Cruises Australia, where it sails today as Pacific Eden.

Statendam IV, courtest of World Ship Society, and Statendam V.

Statendam IV, courtesy of World Ship Society, and Statendam V.

What do you think of the name Nieuw Statendam? Tell us below!

  • Trudy van Tuyll

    Love to hear there will be a Statendam again. We like they keep this tradition alive!!

  • b

    “Boaty McBoatface” would’ve been a better name. Nevertheless, this new ship sounds rather fabulous.

  • Jaap van Dorp

    So many Dam names yet HAL keeps recycling names with no meaning .

    • Leidschendam
    • MaasdamBergumerdam (bij Bergum)
    • Bilderdam
    • BrigdammeAardam
    • Alblasserdam
    • Amsterdam
    • Amsterdam-Zuidoost
    • Amsterdamscheveld
    • Appingedam

    • Busch en Dam
    • Damwoude
    • Didam
    • Dubbeldam
    • Durgerdam
    • Edam
    • Giessendam
    • Heerjansdam
    • Hinderdam
    • Ilpendam
    • Klein Amsterdam
    • Krabbendam
    • Leerdam

    • Mildam
    • Monnickendam
    • Muntendam
    • Nieuw-Amsterdam
    • Nieuwendam
    • Obdam
    • Onderdendam
    • Oostendam
    • Oostknollendam
    • Polsbroekerdam
    • Rijsdam
    • Rotterdam
    • Schardam
    • Schiedam
    • Schoorldam
    • Spaarndam
    • Statendam
    • Steendam
    • Stellendam
    • Uitdam
    • Veendam
    • Volendam
    • Vuilendam
    • Werkendam
    • West-Knollendam
    • Zaandam
    • Zeddam
    • Zeldam
    • Zwammerdam

  • Hendrik Willems

    Would have been much better to simply name the new ship the Statendam and carry on with Holland America’s proud heritage. Are all future ships with traditional names now going to have “Nieuw” in front of them?

  • Elbert L.J. Bosma

    We have to get used to this interesting new ship’s name, but together with the Koningsdam the Nieuw Statendam will mark a new era in cruising HAL-style.

  • Brian Fogarty

    It would be better to call the Nieuw ship the Statendam only in keeping with Holland America tradition. I can understand the prefix Nieuw in the case of the Ms Nieuw Amsterdam, named after New York City, as opposed to the Ms Amsterdam, named after the capital of the Netherlands but I really can not see what the purpose is to use the prefix for the 2nd Pinnacle class ship.

    Nieuw is new

  • Steven Bekman

    Great to see the name coming back again. I sailed Statendam 4 from Rotterdam to New York in 1969 on a trans-Atlantic crossing and Statendam 5 on a cruise to Alaska about 15 years ago. Great name for great ships and a true Dutch heritage!

  • Jan Linssen

    Why do HAL add the word ” new ” to this new ship, just Statendam is more than enough.

  • Don Yates

    I can see the name Nieuw Amsterdam because that was the original name of New York but I think they should not tinker with the name Statendam. (That is part of the company heritage. )
    BTW: So far I have sailed on two Nieuw Amsterdam ships, two Noordam ships, and two Westerdam ships. It is fun to be a part of such a proud shipping heritage.

  • Bob Smith

    You are a fantastic cruise line and it is wonderful to see your line continuing to grow. I think the name of Nieuw Amsterdam is very appropriate. Best of luck with her. Bob

  • Bob Smith

    Sorry about that I meant to say Statendam not Amsterdam

  • Gordon L. Goldberg

    I think taking “Nieuw” to the front of the name is a mistake. She should be a new “Statendam”, the sixth of the name, and not the first with the name “Nieuw Statendam”. That is NOT the same name, and is an affront to the long history of ships named “Statendam”. Do keep in mind that the “Nieuw Amsterdam” is the third ship of that name (named after the former colony, now known as New York), and unrelated to the current ms Amsterdam, which is the first of her name, named after the city in the Netherlands.

    Seattle needs to rethink this, and honot the long history of Statendams by naming her the ms Statendam.

  • Nancy Karlson

    Sounds good to me.
    I love Veendam.
    Also Eurodam 26 days to Europe, and 7 days too.
    Great food and service also. None I have sailed on yet as nice.
    January I get my own room on Koningsdam.

  • Margot Villanova

    I’d like to see a ship named Madurodam. But, Nieuw Statendam is a great name. Following tradition, I would also like to see the Half Moon back on the logo.

  • Ina Schakel

    I like the name as much as I love the name Nieuw Amsterdam, so keep the tradition alive!
    I remember the christening of the fourth Statendam by Beatrix very well. It was a few moths before I started my first job at the HAL office, Rotterdam.

  • Iris Accettola

    I lived on Staten Island, NY for most of my life, having moved to NJ 3 years ago. Just for the nostalgia factor, I would like to sail on the Nieuw Statendam. I don’t know where it will sail to, but it would be nice, I’m sure.

  • Jean

    Hope not all of the new ships will be so big. What makes HAL so nice is the smaller ships.

  • Ada Wijnveen

    I love all the lovely “dam” ships of the Holland Americaline. New names or old names.

  • Lucy Calderaro

    I read you piece about the new name and it sounds as though it will be a winner for you…Good luck

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    I come from a Holland America Line family with my father being a former captain and operations manager. I don’t like the new name of Nieuw Statendam. The long line of Statendam ships is now broken and for what reason. History and lineage are much more important.

  • Dolores schrubs

    Anxious to see this new vessel. Love your cruise line.

  • Laura

    I like ” Nieuw ” can’t wait to compare the old vs NEW. Was also on the Amsterdam and am anxious to cruise on the “Nieuw Amsterdam”…

  • Lorna wilder

    Beautiful new ships, love the design, but please HAL don’t go any larger than this class ship, it takes away from the cruise experience.

  • Arlene Powe

    We love Holland America Cruise Line! It is our favorite cruise company. They just know how to do it right. I might suggest that for more redo ships to place a Roman Numeral behind the name when using it over and over. Just an idea. Keep building and they will come! Keep your prices level and cruising will explode. Straight land tours are cost prohibitive for mere mortals! I will continue to cruise with Hollad until My legs won’t go up the gangway! –arlene powe

  • william burdett

    When and where will the maiden voyage take place ?

  • Barbara/Peter Marcogliese

    Looking forward to going on this ship. Love Holland America cruises so much!

  • F H Bonset

    ORANGEDAM or ORANJEDAM would be better, no 2 ships with 2 similar names!

  • Julie

    William, itineraries are still TBD. Stay tuned!

  • Dirk

    Why old names? Prinsessendam maybe? There have been a lot of them.

  • Kenneth

    Skip “NIEUW”!


    We had amazing cruize experience . As an Indian we are looking for more Indian delicious vegetarian options . India has great spending power if we get more verity of vegetarian and jain food .

  • nancy

    Why not give the newer ships name of cities in Holland?

  • Julie

    Glad you had a nice time. Hopefully you heard about our vegetarian menu in the dining room! If not, please ask for it next time! It’s ALL vegetarian! 🙂

  • Jovenia Celo

    Please advise the designer to skip single steps, even if lighted, eg, to the Queen’s lounge, as several people tripped on ms Koningsdam. People look up and forward when entering venues and don’t see the step, even when lighted. I also suggest a few ushers to guide some elderly or sight-/balance-challenged passengers going down the steps at World Stage, especially when lights have already dimmed. The ushers can also direct people to available seats.

  • Dick Korevaar

    Ik hou van traditie. en zou het nieuwe schip gewoon Statendam noemen en denk dat dit het meest aanspreekt in Nederland. trouwens ik heb gevaren op de Noordam, Maasdam, Westerdam, Rotterdam 2x de Eurodam en 2x de Nieuw Amsterdam.

  • Carmelita olaes

    Hello good morning in beautiful in nice

  • Ronald abejuela

    How to apply??? Am working catering services in bahrain i want to apply new field ang inveronment am versatile

  • Captain Albert

    Hallo Ronald,

    Please contact our manning agency in Manilla. You can easily google the correct address if you use the words Holland America Recruiting Manilla.

    Good luck

    Capt. Albert

  • Constance Lowe

    I am disappointed to see HAL plans more of the giant ships; the three things that keep me cruising with HAL are the mid-sized ships, the wrap-around promenade decks, and the fantastic staff. I felt that even Oosterdam was too large and I have no plans ever to book Koningsdam. I’d rather see three more Prinsendam-sized ships than one more megaship!

  • Mike (Nieuw) Pedneault

    I guess the next generation ships will be the “Really Nieuw Statendam”

  • Bert Smet

    It’s going to be a beautiful ship but please cancel the word Nieuw…..
    Only Statendam is the best choice.
    Good luck and safe sailing.

  • Martha Andjulis

    We were on the Koningsdam for the Christening cruise and still waiting for information on the Nieuw Statendam Christening cruise date and port location. Wonderful experience, cruised on her again March 2017. Will in be in Florida. Yes, big ship for HAL!!!!

  • Fembry nugie

    Its a great name… I like that ships name

  • Lisa Black

    I recently cruised on Koningsdam in March 2017 to the southern Caribbean, and absolutely loved her! She is big but not TOO much (look at Royal if you want huge!), easy to get around even in my wheelchair, really liked the Promenade deck! Why does everyone say it’s too narrow? As for Niuew Statendam, I agree that we don’t need the word Niuew, it’s a mouthful when talking about her, and there is no longer a ship named Statendam since HAL sold her to P &O Line. But we need to respect HAL’s decision in the name choice, and welcome our newest ship with lots of love!! I can’t wait to sail with Nieuw Statendam in March 2019!

  • alfred Dernison

    As a little boy I buitlt a model of cardboard of the statendam that died two month before in Rotterdam Harbour. I have a 16 mm film of the burning ship.
    To honour this bold ship just the nama Statendam would be righyt

  • Lynda Dittmar

    I like a smaller ship around 1500 on board–no larger

  • Delores

    Perfect name -will be a beautiful ship like the

  • Clyde & Chong Millman

    We sailed on one of the last cruises of the Statendam and enjoyed every moment. We have done 5 cruses with HAL and have another one coming up soon.

  • Bernice Shey

    I am 3 star on HAL and sailed on the Koningsdam in March 2017. Service was excellent, crew amazing. However the design of the bathroom was bad ! Sitting on the commode , you’re bumping into the glass wall of the shower. Most people had to open the shower door to sit on the commode or turn to the door of the bathroom but then the tissue was in back of you ! There was very little space to put things away. The design of the bathroom was the laugh of the ship. I hope on the new ship you have a woman design the bathroom !

  • Bob Hale

    OK, the ship is NEW and it’s NIEUW…but what will IT’S replacement be named when the time comes? New names with new ships is certainly a very effective product practice. How about giving some thought to a totally new family member on the next ship. Give it a try – tell the world HAL is NOT stuck in the past; is NOT a cruise line for the nostalgic. Surely there are names that would fit the family face; and surely new names say a lot more about progress that merely placing a familiar name on a new creation. Notwithstanding this MINOR gripe, I intend to sail on the new family members as soon as possible! (RSH)

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