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A Creative Tile Table

Thanks to Holland America Line Personal Cruise Consultant Valerie Vanyo for sharing with us a note from one of her travel agents. Our guests certainly get creative with their Delft tiles!

This is the way we have used the HAL tiles. My husband and son assembled this table, and we get SO many comments on it. From ardent Holland America Line four-star Mariners! — Kay and Jerry Roberts




  • Gwen R

    What a pretty table. It goes well with the rest of the decor. I’ve put on tiles on an end table in my living room. I’ve had 28 sailings so needless to say I have some left over for another project. Nice work!!

  • Annemarie

    Love what you’ve done with the tiles!

  • hawaii cool

    Wow so wonderful designs. At last i found the design i’m looking for so long. There’s another color like that? Like color red or purple. My favorite color is blue. I think it’s pretty good to put that design in my room. Can’t wait to try it.

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