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140 Years Young: A First for the Economy Twins

1951: ss Ryndam II and ss Maasdam III, the “Economy Twins,” are first ships to allow tourist-class passengers run of the ship and restrict one upper deck to first-class guests only.

Ryndam II

Ryndam II

  • Michael Lambert

    I sailed the Ryndam from New York, Halifax to Southhampton in 1960. $180.00 for ten days and Beer was only five cents a glass and Hard Liquor fifteen cents.
    It was a great time, many young college students like myself, going to Europe for a year or two of study.

  • George Speelman

    In the Spring of 1954, my family emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada on the SS Ryndam II. I was barely 5 years old. I remember walking the rope-strung decks with my father. Somewhere I have pictures…

  • Julie

    What a wonderful memory! Let us know if you find the photos. Julie, HAB editor

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