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Travel Blogger Reviews Dinner at the Pinnacle Grill on Eurodam

Travel blogger Shanna Schultz recently sailed aboard Eurodam and documented her sailing experience on her blog In the following post she reviews her dinner in the ship’s Pinnacle Grill restaurant. Enjoy!

If you want to experience the full scope of Holland America’s outstanding culinary offerings, you need to make space in your cruise for an evening out in the Pinnacle Grill. The Pinnacle Grill is Holland America Line’s take on classic, fine dining. Prime cuts of beef, succulent fish and chops are served with graceful, attentive service in a classic environment. There were no surprises during our dinner in the Pinnacle Grill, but sometimes no surprise is a good thing. It was exactly what we were expecting; an upscale dining experience with solid portions of well prepared food.

Eurodam's Pinnacle Grill.

Highlights from the Meal:
The meal opened with the delivery of a basket of assorted, fresh baked breads and rolls served with three different kinds of seasoned butter (plain butter, sun dried tomato and herb and garlic.)

Appetizers came next; our dinner mates ordered shrimp cocktail as an appetizer and it came elegantly presented with some really nice sized shrimp.

The entrees were well prepared but unpretentious (ok, maybe I lied … the Surf and Turf pictures below had a definite “look at me” attitude!)

My fillet mignon was presented on a plate by itself, unaccompanied by any side dishes. It didn’t really need them. The tenderness of the meat and its juiciness spoke quite eloquently for itself. It is hard to see in this photo, but that piece of fillet was almost 4 inches tall! Tip: While my steak was very juicy, I would have liked just a little more pink in it. If you like your steak pink, order medium rare … they can always cook it a little more if needed. I know that this is kind of a strange detail to notice, but sometimes it is the little details that make the meal memorable. The tea that they served at the end of dinner was OUTSTANDING! I had the mint and lemon verbena tea and enjoyed it immensely.

For dessert, the Pinnacle Grill version of the standard Baked Alaska really stands out in my mind (and I wasn’t even the one who ordered it!) Made with Ben an Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and flambeed table side, this is an innovative and upscale twist on this dessert classic.

Baked Alaska.

Chocolate Melting Cake.

A meal in the Pinnacle Grill does carry an upcharge, but it is entirely worth it and it is an experience that you should make a point to indulge in on your Holland America Cruise!

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  • Bradley

    Sailed the Eurodam Nov. 10th and eat in the Pinnacle Grill 6 out of 7 nights. Glenn and his staff were great. The food was out of this world.

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