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Ryndam’s Dazzling Christmas Village At-Sea

Douglas Hernandez, Ryndam’s hotel manager, shared this note and photos from the ship’s ‘ultimate Christmas village at-sea’ and dazzling holiday decorations.

Our vision for the Christmas village was to replicate a small village in Konstanz near the border of Austria and Germany. Our village consists of 13 houses, two churches, one tunnel, one lake, one lighthouse, two fully operational trains, four wagons each and a 65-foot long railroad track.

To create the village, we used 300 lbs. of gingerbread dough, 60 lbs. of confectionery sugar, 10 lbs. of graham crackers and chocolate cigars, 5 lbs. of M&M’s and 25 lbs. of assorted candy and candy canes.

This display was the result of team effort among all the departments on board Ryndam. Special thanks to the carpenters, the culinary team, the entertainment department, the housekeeping crew, the electrical department and everyone else involved.







ms Ryndam's Culinary Team.

ms Ryndam's Culinary Team.

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