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Planning for the Newbuild

From left: Gianfranco Giacomin of Oxin, HAL’s Master Chef Rudi Sodamin, Hotel Director Stan Kuppens, Sandro Marcon of Oxin and Zeljko Modrusan of Fincantieri.

As you have seen in the announcement not too long ago, Holland America Line has ordered a new ship that will be taken into commission in the February of 2016.

As eager and enthusiastic as we are about this news, we didn’t want to let time go to waste in order to try to develop and improve the catering areas in the new ship in the best possible way with the space we have available to us.

I am excited to report that, after an entire week looking at and working on the ship’s Catering Areas, we have been successful in optimizing every single Stainless Steel area of the new ship. The meetings took place in Italy at the vicinity of Oxin which is a Catering Area Building Company and the meetings were supervised by Fincantieri.

Master Chef Rudi Sodamin, Deputy Director Technical Operations Henry Veringa and I took on the challenge of this important task for Holland America Line, and guidance and oversight was given by Carnival UK Commissioning Manager James Moore.

Blood, sweat and tears have been shed yet the project was brought to completion for further review by Vice President of Hotel Operations Johan Groothuizen and his team. He then presented the catering proposals to Sr. Vice President Dan Grausz and President and CEO Stein Kruse.

We will be informed by the Seattle Office if the proposals have been approved and if Fincantieri is allowed to proceed with the project and come with an approval from their side.

From left: Sandro Marcon of Oxin, Deputy Director Technical Operations Henry Veringa, Hotel Director Stan Kuppens, Carnival UK Commissioning Manager James Moore (above Stan), HAL’s Master Chef Rudi Sodamin, Gianfranco Giacomin of Oxin and Zeljko Modrusan of Fincantieri.

Stan Kuppens is Eurodam’s hotel director.

  • David

    Hope you guys took a few minutes to plan the onboard internet facilities to service guests in staterooms instead of only providing wi-fi access points in public areas

  • Ted Dixon

    When will you be posting an update on the construction of the new-build? It will be most interesting to see the design and specifications.

    Best regards

  • Nancy Black

    Hope the new ship has a unique first season–maybe a combination of north Atlantic and Mediterranean? I also hope that the traditional character of Holland America ships will be strongly present in this ship and its future crew. I’ll be watching for you updates.

  • Carey Campbell

    I do hope that Holland America will finally bring a fresh new elegant style for the ship and not retain the current outdated look of their ships in regards to upholstery, fabrics and the plastic look of the bathrooms.
    Hoping that those responsible for the interior design of the ship will take lessons from Crystal, Regent and Oceanic. Just like your home, you can bring a classy, elegant look at a reasonable cost.
    I am so looking forward to seeing what the new ship interior will look like.

  • peter miller

    I have sailed on dfferent lnes but my favourite is still Holland America for the money they are very good. Would love to see a photo of what the new build will look like.

  • Elbert L.J. Bosma, MM, MA

    Are some photo’s of the ms “Newbuild” available yet?

  • HPR2

    I would suggest that HAL immediately utilize the ship for a Grand World Voyage in 2016 to show her off !

    Cunard introduced the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth to World Voyages just after entering service.

  • Peter Kohler

    Just make sure there is a proper walk-around teak-planked Boat Deck… I don’t like the look of the placement of the lifeboats on this already.

  • justin gobel

    I am curious how the life boats and the views if any are the lifeboats hung from same deck as casino or visible from cabins.

    the dance floor , BB King jazz looks wonderful

  • justin gobel

    Curious I do not see a Hydropool, nor thermal suite, Have they been left out due to low demand, Are there KID free zones, I love my kids and a few kids from others, but not all Kids (or Adults for that matter, act quietly)

    Love the Family suite, bunk bed, sofa bed for two, and tow singles, enough sleeping for family of five, WOW

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