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Holland America Line Unveils Rotterdam 1873 Coffee in Partnership with Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc.

For many, a cup (or two) of coffee is a daily staple, and now guests aboard Holland America Line ships can indulge in a specialty blend created exclusively for the premium cruise line in partnership with Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc. The West Palm Beach, Florida, micro-facility of the Dutch coffee house Beukenhorst Koffie worked with Holland America Line to introduce Rotterdam 1873, a small-batch roasted coffee blend that pays homage to Holland America Line’s legendary luxury.

Named for the city and year Holland America Line was founded, Rotterdam 1873 is a rich coffee blend of the best Indonesian and Central and South American Arabica coffee beans. Rotterdam 1873 is available by the cup in all revenue venues, while guests looking to take home a souvenir from the cruise can purchase a regular or decaffeinated 12-ounce bag of the Rotterdam 1873 beans in Explorations Café and Grand Dutch Cafe.

Rotterdam 1873 is roasted fresh in small batches in Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc.’s West Palm Beach facility and supplied to the ships. For more than 20 years, Holland America Line has been serving Beukenhorst Koffie imported from the Netherlands in the Lido Market, Dining Room and other venues where complimentary coffee is served.

The Dutch have been roasting coffee since the 16th century, with signature blends from various regions. Arabica coffee is believed to have been the first species of coffee to be cultivated 500 years ago in Arabia. The Dutch, famous for their seafaring, brought the plant from Arabia to Java where the island became a leader in coffee production.

From left: Vice President, Food & Beverage for Holland America Line; and Hans and Chantal Wiggemans, founders of Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc.

From left: Frits ven Der Werff, Vice President, Food & Beverage for Holland America Line; and Hans and Chantal Wiggemans, founders of Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc.

About Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc.
In 2017 Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc. opened an espresso equipment showroom, training center and small-batch micro-roastery, 4th Wave Brew, to be able to fill the increasing demand for small-batch specialty coffees. Beukenhorst Coffee USA Inc. creates specialty blends, cold-brew coffee and private label projects using the freshest, cleanest and purest coffee available.

Beukenhorst Koffie was founded in 1784 when Albert Beukenhorst settled in Winterswijk, the Netherlands, as a coffee roaster and retailer. Today, the company continues to roast Arabica coffee beans through a traditional slow roasting drum system, giving the beans time to develop their taste while retaining the important flavors.

  • tom

    where can I buy your coffee? Is it he same coffee served on the Holland America Line?

  • Julie

    At the moment only on board.

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