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Culinary Council 10th Anniversary Celebration Recipe: Jonnie’s Deer Stew, Vacherin & Brussels Sprouts

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Holland America Line’s Culinary Council, we’re sharing recipes from these celebrated chefs. Now you can create their dishes at home! Dutch-born Jonnie Boer is the driving force behind De Librije, which has earned a three-star Michelin rating every year since 2004. Enjoy this exotic recipe for deer stew that is beloved in the Netherlands.

SERVINGS: 4 people

1 KG roe poulet (deer meat)
500 G celeriac
2 carrots (large)
3 onions
200 G red port
300 G red wine
400 G roe fond
100 G veal fond
2 sprigs of thyme
2 sprigs of rosemary
4 large onions
50 G Brussels sprouts
200 G Vacherin Mont D’or
Butter for the pan

Chop the vegetables, except the Brussels sprouts and the large onions.
Heat the meat and vegetables on high heat in butter in a pan.
Add the port, red wine and let this cook until the port and wine have nearly evaporated.
Add the roe-fond and veal-fond.
Let the meat simmer, add water if necessary.
When the meat is done, boil in the fond so this forms a nice layer around the meat.
Add the rosemary and thyme, leave these in for 10 minutes and take them out after.
Add brown butter or aceto balsamico in order to add flavor to the stew.
Scoop out the onion, so you can fill it later.
Fill the onion with the Vacherin Mont D’or.
Fill the rest of the onion with the stew.
Clean and trim the bottom off the Brussels sprouts. Sprinkle with oil, salt and pepper, and a dash of red wine, so these can swell too.
Wrap the onion and Brussels sprouts in aluminum foil and bake either in an oven at 180 °C or on the barbecue for 15 minutes.

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