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20 Burgers on HAL’s Menus Make Everyday National Burger Day

Sunday, May 28, 2017, is National Burger Day, and Holland America Line is paying homage to the American classic that has elevated itself to worldwide admiration. Pleasing the palates of meat-eaters and vegetarians, alike, not only does the cruise line feature gourmet and veggie burgers at Dive-In at the Terrace Grill, but also patties can be found on the menus at Pinnacle Grill and The Dining Room, as well as in a featured demonstration in America’s Test Kitchen.

With 20 unique hamburger options onboard, including vegetarian portobello and black bean “burgers,” Holland America Line’s selections take guests on an epicurean adventure where creating the perfect burger goes beyond cheese, pickles and ketchup. With four styles at Dive-In, a signature burger at Pinnacle Grill and an astounding 14 rotating selections on The Main Dining Room lunch menu, burger connoisseurs on a weeklong cruise can enjoy a different burger every day of the voyage. In fact, Holland America Line serves more than 4,000 burgers on a seven-day cruise!

“When people think of culinary innovation, they often think of fine dining, but you can also be creative with a classic such as a burger to make it unique and gourmet like our Dive-In burgers,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “National Burger Day is the perfect day to tout the fact that we feature 20 different burgers that are the best at sea.”


Dive-In's Freestyle Burger

Dive-In’s Freestyle “Burger” is a portobello mushroom for the vegetarians.

Dive-In out by the Lido Pool offers a menu of signature, made-to-order beef burgers that all are served with Holland America Line’s secret Dive-In Sauce. Four featured burgers are available at Dive-In:

Cannonball: The most popular. Served with Gouda cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sweet caramelized onions, topped with chop-chop lettuce and sliced tomato on a toasted brioche bun.

High-Dive: American cheddar cheese, topped with chop-chop lettuce and sliced tomato on a toasted brioche bun.

Gainer: Served with a mound of crispy, frizzled onions, topped with chop-chop lettuce and sliced tomato on a toasted brioche bun.

Freestyle: It’s not beef, but it’s the perfect vegetarian “burger” — a grilled portobella mushroom topped with cheddar and Gouda cheese, chop-chop lettuce, avocado, and sliced tomato on a toasted whole wheat bun.


For lunch in The Dining Room, Holland America Line serves a cycle of 14 different burgers, featuring one a day. A guest on a weeklong cruise could enjoy a new burger every day without duplication. The diverse options include a Trattoria Burger with Roasted Bell Pepper, Pesto Mayonnaise and Mozzarella; Melted Brie Bistro Burger; Mushroom Fontina Burger; Bacon Egg Burger; Gouda Burger with Cabernet Onions; Andouille Burger with Crumbled Blue Cheese; Avocado and Bacon Burger; Cheeseburger on Sourdough Bun; Cowboy Burger with Grilled Mushrooms; Onion Barbecue Burger; Cordon Blue Burger; Mozzarella Burger with Arugula Pesto; Mushroom and Onion Burger; and a Blue Cheese Burger with Crispy Onions.


The gourmet Pinnacle Grill Burger.

The gourmet Pinnacle Grill Burger.

Guests looking to indulge in the ultimate gourmet burger can head to the elegant Pinnacle Grill for lunch. The menu on the alternative dining menu features a burger with bacon jam, garlic chipotle aioli, Beecher’s cheddar cheese, Cabernet red onions and avocado.


American's Test Kitchen Black Bean Burger.

American’s Test Kitchen Black Bean Burger.

Through Holland America Line’s collaboration with America’s Test Kitchen, guests can attend shipboard cooking shows produced in partnership with the long-running public television program. A featured recipe is a Black Bean Burger with Chipotle Mayonnaise. America’s Test Kitchen has perfected the art of making the perfect vegetarian burger, and guests learn how to make the dish in the ship’s show kitchen from Holland America Line chefs trained by America’s Test Kitchen culinary experts.

Not to worry … guests who aren’t burger fans have hundreds of other options to choose from on Holland America Line’s menus, from hot dogs at Dive-In and filet mignon at Pinnacle Grill to pasta, chicken and fish dishes in The Dining Room or specialty restaurants.

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