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Photo Diary: Lisbon, Portugal

Blog contributor and HAL Mariner Fred Claessen currently is on board Rotterdam‘s “A Passage to the Far East” cruise and will be sending in posts from this extended voyage.

Here are some photos from Lisbon, Portugal.

Alongside at Lisbon, Portugal.

Leaving Lisbon.


And a photo of Maritime Artist Stephen Card’s work on Rotterdam.

Stephen Card painting on Rotterdam.

  • Panji666

    Hope u have good time going to Far East. I was at Southampton 10 jan 2013 with my now ex boyfriend

  • Bob Lyons

    I would like to know if anyone else on the cruise thinks the service on this cruise is not up to HAL standard? If you are lucky enough to get coffee there is no chance of getting a refill, same with water. We boarded in England and have not received dessert on two of the 5 nights even though it has been ordered. We finally give up and leave the table. I have noticed that the service is getting worse each year, so I do not know if HAL is cutting back on staff and or trainning to save money.

  • Phil Ross

    To the contrary, we’ve experienced good service, selection and preparation of food. It’s been two years since we’ve been on the Rotterdam, so we have little experience, but have been pleased, especially when comparing to the competition.

    We dine at second seating for dinner and go to the Lido for lunch and bkft, unless getting room service on port days. Open seating may be

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