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Perry’s Alaska iPhone Diary: Aug. 11 (continued)

Before dinner we saw the new Star Trek movie in the ship’s theater, then had a casual dinner in the Lido Restaurant on Deck 11 of the ship. After dinner I attended a computer class about Windows 7, Microsoft’s new upgrade to Windows Vista being released on Oct. 22 in the new and very nice Windows- and Sony-equipped computer training Labs. Holland calls them their “Digital Workshops.” Every class seems to be full every day.


Everyone in the class has a new Sony laptop to practice what they are learning. Plus there were a few seats for those that just wanted to watch, like me.

Looking forward to a fun and sunny day in Haines, Alaska. Day 10 of our cruise and almost home. Only five more days left. The wost day of a cruise is always the last day because you know it will soon be over. But there is always another one waiting.

In fact, I talked to the on-board HAL future cruise consultant about a Holiday cruise out of Tampa, Fla., on Dec. 27 at the end of my planned 30-day trip to Florida during December. So you see I am all ready planing my next HAL cruise. I am one day short of getting my 50-day Mariner Pin from Holland America’s customer loyalty program, but the main reason for me to go is because of the good times and great service I have had from HAL on the 49 days that I will have sailed by the end of this cruise. Later.

Perry and Cheryl. On board Statendam. Aug. 11, 2009.

  • Maureen

    Hello Perry.
    I’ve been reading your Blog.
    It sounds just like you, with spell check!
    Safe trip home.

  • Sharon

    Perry and Cheryl.

    You will enjoy the Cruise out of Tampa. My husband and I did a similar cruise last December. I really enjoyed the ports and especially the shore excursions. The best was to Quirigua, Guatemala. Our tour guide was Carolina Herrara. She was the best tour guide that I have encountered in 125 days of cruising with HAL. If you are lucky enough to get her, you will have an incredible tour. Have fun. Wish we were traveling with you.

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