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Cruise Diary: Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Victoria, B.C., on ms Ryndam

We left San Diego about 5 p.m. Monday and headed up the coast. Tuesday, our first of two full days at sea, we were in a dense fog nearly all day. Somewhere out in the Pacific, a storm sent huge waves our way and the ship was rocking and rolling. A youngster tried his hand at surfing in the Lido pool! Shortly thereafter the pool was drained. The seas calmed a bit overnight and the second day dawned almost sunny. On deck on Lido with the Magrodome open a few feet we could almost forget we were headed back to the chillier climes of the Pacific Northwest.

Last night we dined in the Pinnacle Grill — a marvelous meal with fabulous service.

Tonight we’ll make the rounds and bid all of our favorite staff farewell, for tomorrow we dock in Vancouver and then take a train back to Seattle — and the real world.
No more Fatchur to make our beds, clean our room, bring us ice and bid us a cheery good morning.No more Renaldo and Roger in the Crow’s Nest doing an almost orchestrated dance behind the bar as they mix drinks with a flair during happy hour each evening. No more Don in the Piano Bar, who not only mixes a great drink, but entertains with an occasional heartfelt song. Guests in the bar cheer for more. And no more Heather, the pianist, to lead us in song every evening.

And that’s naming just a few. Our dining room stewards, Noviar and Seno, were super, and every crew member or officer had a smile and friendly greeting. Capt. Mark Rowden gave us daily updates that always included the answer to a nautical trivia question.

We’ll also miss new friends from the ship. Our tablemates, Betty and Scottie (who wore a kilt to dinner on the first formal night) were from Alberta, Canada, near Calgary and spoke with an enchanting Scottish brogue. Before we left San Diego we said goodbye to our other tablemates, Susan and her sweet mother, who live in San Diego. Goodbye Heather (not the piano player) and Sally, two fun gals from Campbell River on Vancouver Island who were often our teammates in Name that Tune. Farewell to Pam from Vancouver (lots of Canadians on this trip) who belted out a great Ethel Merman impersonation. So long Gayle from Richmond, near Vancouver, who was great fun in the Crow’s Nest. Also had breakfast with oodles of interesting people from all over like Amanda, from New Zealand — a non-Canadian at last!

So tomorrow we drag out our heavy coats, put on long pants and ride back into reality on the 5:45 p.m. train to Seattle.

Fatchur always had a cheery “Good morning” for us.

Roger pours our favorite drink in the Crow’s Nest.

Renaldo works quickly to keep up with orders during happy hour in the Crow’s Nest.

Heather played the piano for us every night in the Piano Bar.

Don, the bartender in the Piano Bar, often entertained us with his singing.

Noviar, left, and Seno served us fabulous meals in the dining room.

Jan Hinman (and Joan) are from Seattle, Wash.

  • Radbooks

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey, I’ve certainly enjoyed it. It makes me even more eager for my own trip next month!

  • Sharon

    Thanks for taking the time to blog while on board the Ryndam. We were on the San Diego to Vancouver part of the trip with 7 days in Alaska. Sounds like you enjoyed the Ryndam’s staff as much as we did. One of the friendliest crews that we have sailed with.

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