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Cruise Diary: The Last Moments Spent on Maasdam

This is the last blog from Maasdam. All good things have to come to an end. We had a fantastic cruise, seen great places. Looking forward to write my next blogs on our planned European cruise September/October.

Dancing lessons.

Keeping Maasdam bright and shiny.

Food carving station.

Another great food carving station.

Working all over the ship ever smiling.

Our table waiter Mardi was spotted as the ice cream man.

Head to the Terrace Grill for a nice hamburger and fries.

Ready to serve at the Lido buffet.

Day at sea. The guests gather at the Lido.

Maasdam is going in dry dock very soon. Hopefully this beautiful staircase will stay in the rebuilt show lounge.

One more look at the old stage on which so many shows have been given. We saw the new one on Statendam and believe us it will look fantastic after the refit.

If you wonder what this is, in Holland this is called de gaper and it is place outside chemists shops as an indicator that medicines are sold.

Just to be sure we are on the right way to Fort Lauderdale.

A little bumpy sea today. It gives you the right feeling of sailing on a ship.

The Indonesian Tea. Have to mention it again it was our favorite time.

Here are our favorite Indonesian sweets.

Yvon with the chef who made the sweets and two of the waiters.

Cees and Yvon Kloppenburg are regular contributors to the Holland America blog. They are currently on board Maasdam.

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  • Cheryl

    Nice photos! We’ll be on this ship in September…

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