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Cruise Diary: Stanley, Falkland Islands

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for segment of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she is chronicling her journey. Enjoy!

Yeah, we made it to the Falkland Islands! The highlight of the trip for me was taking the four-wheel drive overland to Volunteer Point, on the northeast corner, to visit the colony of King Penguins. It was a bonus to see other species as well; this was really an outstanding experience. Only marred by a few tourists here and there from another cruise ship who had not been warned to “get out of the way” and not stand between the ocean and the young. It was a two-hour drive each way but the Toyota 4×4 really showed it’s stuff, as did the “kelper” — a nickname given to Falkland Islanders — driving who is a commercial diver as well.

I had to get a picture of Thatcher drive. It is so picturesque here. The movie studios should have premiered “The Iron Lady” here — she is their hero!

While walking through town there was a local TV announcer strolling among the crowd asking how they could improve things for the tourists. Of course I put in my two cents, a touch of merry ole England among the 2,000 souls who live there.

Preparing for the Antarctic
There were two separate movies about the Antarctic offered after dinner. They were shown on the ship’s big screen which really got me in the mood for our visit. The HAL ship provided another Grand Voyage amenity — a beautiful Antarctic logbook. I look forward to including some comments from the ice pilot the Captain has brought aboard.

We are in the open ocean now at about the same latitude as Ushuia but to the east, near Elephant Island where Shackleton’s crew wintered over — the stuff of legends.

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  • Almuth Ewing

    If the Ice Pilot is Captain Toomey, ask him to tell you about his adventures 15th Feb 2010, when Prinsendam unexpectedly encountered unseasonal pack-ice, and he successfully avoided our getting closed in. A most interesting story. You can also find it on “Capt. Albert”‘s blog under that date.

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