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Cruise Diary: Santorini, Greece

Journalist Lou Freed and her husband Jim (who took the photos) sailed the Mediterranean on Noordam’s Roman Empire Cruise. Enjoy!

The huge caldera where the ship moored is actually the crater of an enormous volcano that erupted in ancient times. Legend has it that the eruption caused the plagues of Egypt during Moses’ time and an enormous tsunami wave that wiped out the fabled city of Atlantis and destroyed the Minoan civilization in Crete.

A view of MS Noordam from the breathtaking hilltown of Thira (or Fira).

Guests use tenders to get to the shore and then have three choices to get up the hill to Thira: take the cable car, ride a mule or a donkey or walk. Riding the four-legged creature up to the main town of Thira can be an unforgettable but slow experience for some tourists. Many opt to take the funicular to reach the town in a matter of minutes.

From a distance, white sugar cube homes decked by bougainvillea appear to hang from cliffs the town is built on.

From the funicular stop, tour the wondrous town filled with shops, bars and restaurants. When one thinks of Greece, Santorini’s whitewashed homes and churches with aquamarine roofs perched on cliffs come to mind. Spectacular views from the lovely town of Oia at the north end of Santorini is one not to be missed.

  • Laicie

    i think that one guy on the donkey has worked there for ages- i swear i have a picture of him from 5 years ago hahaha

  • Lou

    His job must keep him on the move and healthy, so he may be around for awhile to delight island visitors.

  • jodi

    Looks like the best way to see Greece is on a cruise! Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

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