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Cruise Diary: Nawiliwili, Hawaii

Guest Sharon Johnson and her husband are cruising again with HAL, this time on Zaandam’s 21-Day Collectors’ Voyage to Mexico and Hawaii. Sharon will chronicle their cruising experience for us on the blog. Enjoy!

February 23, 2013:

Today we docked at the old sugar cane shipping port in Nawiliwli. We took a tour in Kauai as there is really nothing of interest to see in the port area. There are shuttles, but they just take you to small shopping centers. Lihu’e is the commercial zone with lots of state & county offices, shops, fast food restaurants, Wal-Mart, Costco, Starbucks and lots of traffic. So, to see part of this beautiful island of Kauai, we decided to take the “Garden Waterfalls: McBryde & Allerton” Tour which took us to the southern coast of Kauai.

The Allerton & McBryde Gardens were created on land once owned by Hawaii’s Queen Emma. She had a cottage on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Lawa’i Kai Valley which was her favorite view.


Robert Allerton found out that the McBryde property was for sale in the late thirties. He was a son of a prosperous Illinois cattleman. He had studied art in Europe, but developed a love for landscape gardening and architecture. When he started restoring the land and developing the gardens on the property he had purchased in Kauai, he had already created a garden on his property in Monticello, Illinois.

Robert Allerton had artwork that he had collected in Europe that he placed in his gardens. For plants, he traveled the world collecting exotic plants for his property. Allerton realized that many of the plants in Hawaii and other tropical areas were disappearing so he made it his mission to collect and save the seeds of tropical plants. Today the “National Tropical Botanical Gardens” not only grows rare and endangered plants, but it is a scientific and educational center. Robert Allerton left an endowment and helped to get the gardens chartered as non-profit so that the gardens could carry on their mission and also be available for the public to visit and enjoy.


Pulsating water course between two mermaid statues modeled after one in the Pope's own garden

Pulsating water course between two mermaid statues modeled after one in the Pope’s own garden

This tree whose roots I am standing within is a Moreton Bay Fig tree which was collected by Robert Allerton. The director of Jurassic Park thought these trees looked primeval so he used them in his film.


There is more to this story. Dr. Michael Crichton was on the property during the filming of Jurassic Park. He later got married here. Since there were no bathroom facilities on the property, he left enough money to build a nice one. We had an incredible guide.

The beautiful Waihulili waterfall below that was gushing with water due to the winter storms. This waterfall is in the McBryde Garden which has a section of Canoe plants. These are plants brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians.


Spouting Horn below is near Allerton Garden. The winter storms surged into the volcanic tube of the Spouting Horn causing a thundering geyser of water to shoot high into the air.



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    i want to visit Hawaii at least once in life.

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