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Cruise Diary: Molli Steam Train

Award-winning author and writer Jeanette Hurt is cruising the Baltic on Prinsendam with her entire family to watch her parents renew their vows. Enjoy her words and her husband (and professional photographer) Kyle Edwards’ photos. You can also follow her on Twitter @JHurtAuthor or

Some of the biggest delights are only available by tour. And the greatest pleasure for QJ – and Upa Tom – was a ride on steam train Molli. In the German town of Bad Doberan, runs a narrow gauge steam engine, the MecklenBurische Baderbahn Molli.

HAL Molli Steam Train

HAL QJ and Upa Tom watching the train

HAL Molli Steam Train Approaching

Molli, as the train is called, runs from Bad Doberan to the resort town of Kuhlungsborn (actually, the first seaside resort on the continent). We didn’t get to ride it the full distance, but our 15 minute ride absolutely enchanted QJ and Upa. Both of them got to sit in the carriage, right behind the engine. Because the door was open, they got to smell the soot, hear the full blast of the whistle and enjoy each and every chug. They were captivated for the entire ride, and when it was over, they wanted to do it all over again.

It was much too short, but it was thrilling while it lasted. And for the rest of the day, QJ pretended to be the engineer. The Molli, I learned from our brochure, offers 10-day engineer classes, and after the classes are completed, graduates get to actually drive the steam engine. Someday, maybe QJ will get to do that.

HAL Molli Coach Interior

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