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Cruise Diary: Le Cirque Dining Experience

This was the evening Yvon and I had been looking forward to. The new Holland America Line dining experience, Le Cirque. Well, we can tell you all, it was an experience. The taste of the dishes served and the choices offered were, in one word, fantastic. Those who introduced this way of dining on the fleet deserve “een pluim.” This Dutch saying says enough about the quality of this night out on the high seas. On this cruise, only one night was reserved for Le Cirque dinner. In the future it would be a good idea to have another night reserved for this fantastic dinner. Let the pictures show you what we have experienced.

Staff who made our Le Cirque experience one never to forget.


Le Cirque menu card

Beautiful plates.

Special way of serving soup.

Wild halibut, one of the main courses.

The side dish.

Potatoes wrapped to be kept warm.

Assortment of sorbets for desert.

Nice espresso after dinner.

Cees and Yvon Kloppenburg are regular contributors to the Holland America blog. They are currently on board Maasdam and will be sending in cruise diaries throughout the duration of their time on board.

  • holacanada

    Thank you both for this very informative report.
    The pictures says a lot about the experience of “Le Cirque”. I read a lot about this subject and the opinions about the experience is half and half. You seems to enjoy a lot. Maybe I am gonna try it on Volendam next april.

    Holacanada on Volendam in 42 days, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 23 seconds

  • Chuck Velte

    My wife and I also enjoyed the experience of the Le Cirque dinner on board the ms Oosterdam. I simply cannot imagine someone not having an excellent experience that could only be described as an absolute treat for the palate and an evening dinner that leaves you feeling very pleased and yes, full.
    First of all you must know that the pace for dinner in the Pinnacle Grill Restaurant is very European, relaxing and unhurried. It is not the Lido, a wonderful buffet style eating area where you can eat your meals and spend less time doing so. The courses in the Pinnacle Grill, whether Le Cirque night or not, are separate exciting experiences. As the previous writers illustrated with their pictures, the method of service is unique. From the special opening treat from the Chef, (ours was a delicious goose pate over a rhubarb chutney served in a tulip glass). The prawn appetizer was cooked perfectly. The corn soup was excellent, poured into your bowl at the table with a small fritter and sliced trunk mushrooms already in the bowl. Then our main course was something for the record books. We split a mouth-watering 32 oz. rib eye. Carved at tableside, defatted, and sliced to perfection. The condiments were amazing. The desserts (all three) were the perfect caps on the evening. If you are in a hurry, you may not enjoy yourself. We sat and sipped our wine while enjoying each other, the food and the amazing decor and ambience of the room. We then thanked the wait staff, said goodnight to the Captain, who was seated near us while he entertained two of his good friends and left the restaurant . What a great way to spend 2.5 hours together. Oh yes, we were so very full, in a very good way.

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