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Cruise Diary: Ketchikan – Misty Fjord by Float Plane

Adventure traveler and Dutch TV personality Charlotte Van Hoorn was on board Zaandam for an Alaska cruise and will be sharing her adventure with us.

Oh my…Misty Fjord by Float Plane was a sleeper! With back to back Alaskan cruises ending, I never expected another surprise. Such grandeur in Misty Fjord, only reachable by float plane. Just goes to show how you can make a holiday plan, but then the best things happen by chance. But it really wasn’t chance. HAL found an excursion to recommend. I never would have fronted my own cash for a plane ride to a local vendor on the pier. This was really exhilarating, visiting such a remote piece of heaven, especially in a float plane that could dip, weave and land right in the heart of the forest.

Flying deeply into the Tongass National Forest, we glided down to land and exit the 10-seat Otter onto the floats in the teeny lake in the primeval forest. Evangeline, where are you?

I’ve been fortunate to explore dozens of National parks, but these gorges, cirques, and sheer granite faces exfoliating into the valleys that make up the landscape so rugged were as beautiful as it gets for me. We looked hard for wildlife because this must be their home in great numbers far from the madding crowd.

This time the photos cannot do it justice. They cannot transport you to the solitude with its unique sounds and pristine smell. So, I encourage Flaps Up! to see for yourself…



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  • Peter Ward

    Thanks for taking us along on an incredible journey! What magnificent scenery!

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