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Cruise Diary: Hjorundfjord and Alesund

Guest Elise is on board Rotterdam with her daughter and will be sharing her experience with us during their time on board. Enjoy!

Alesund is a beautiful town with a lot to see and do. Here we took the Hjorundfjord and Alesund: Jewels in the Crown tour, and it was one of the best I have ever experienced. First we boarded a boat that would take us on a one and a half hour tour of Hjorundfjord, a 20 mile-long fjord. The rain did not deter us from getting on the board with a positive attitude and the scenery did not disappoint. The fjords were majestic, covered in both snow and greenery. They were tall and imposing, and our tiny boat felt insignificant surrounded by the mountains.

Our boat for the tour.

Our boat for the tour.

We saw many rainbows this day.

We saw many rainbows this day.

Following the boat ride we boarded a bus to tour Alesund. Our guide was a wealth of knowledge and told our group about the fires that ravaged the city and the spirit of the people to rebuild. Many of the islands are connected by underwater tunnel, which I found fascinating. I left this tour feeling like I saw everything there was to be seen in Alesund.







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