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Cruise Diary: Half Moon Cay

Mike Faust, editor of Cruise Currents, recently sailed on board Eurodam for a seven-night eastern Caribbean cruise and chronicled his trip for us. What’s your favorite Caribbean port? Let us know in the comments below!

Cruising the Eurodam – Day 7 – Half Moon Cay

I woke up bright and early for the final day of our cruise. It was around 7:00 a.m. and we were still about an hour away from dropping anchor in Half Moon Cay, our final port of call. I used this time to just sit on my balcony and enjoy the passing islands and watching the warm waters of the Bahamas slip past me. Soon we were approaching Half Moon Cay and dropped anchor. The tenders began to arrive and the crew made their way ashore to prepare the island for us. Today was to be a tropical island retreat.


After a quick breakfast in the Lido Restaurant, we made our way down to board our tender to take us ashore. After a short wait, we were quickly sailing closer to Half Moon Cay in our tender. As soon as we were on shore we headed straight for the beach. We quickly found our way into the surprisingly cold water which quickly became warmer with the rising Bahamian sun. It was so relaxing to just kick back and relax on our final day. Except I couldn’t relax, because at 11:00 a.m. I would be parasailing 200 feet above the island. This is a problem for me since I have a minor fear of heights, but for some odd reason I picked the one excursion that would incorporate this fear into a cruise.


Soon it was time for me to harness up and head out on a little speed boat to the center of the island’s waterfront. Our guide informed the other riders and I that we would be riding tandem to accommodate for the high winds. I was paired with Barbara, who was 74 and had parasailed many times before. Barbara’s calm nature assured me that this would be a very fun and relaxing adventure, and it turned out to be just that. Soon my feet left the boat’s platform and then…

This excursion crossed off an item on my bucket list, helped me tackle my fear of heights, made this my favorite port of call, and made me certain that this was the best cruise I have ever taken. It was definitely a “dam” great cruise!

  • Susan

    I must agree that Half Moon Cay is probably my favorite place to stop for the day . . I’m looking forward to my third visit in 4 weeks.

  • randi

    Bonair was my favourite Caribbean port of call in all of the cruises I’ve been on.
    Half Moon Cay certainly ranks as a favourite spot as well. On several trips it was cancelled due to weather or time constraints and when we were there in January it was cold and rainy but it was still a wonderful swim.

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