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Cruise Diary: Haines, Kroschel Wildlife Center

Adventure traveler and Dutch TV personality Charlotte Van Hoorn was on board Zaandam for an Alaska cruise and will be sharing her adventure with us.

Good thing I got up early for golf, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss seeing the man who turned orphaned animals into movie stars interact with his menagerie.

The Kroschel Wildlife Center was way more than a zoo. Each animal has plenty of back country open space in its own “movie set” home and they come to the path between their areas to play with their best friend, all to our benefit. these are wild animals, living in the wild, but tamed and trained by food and curiosity. The pictures do the talking here.

P1000132 (1)

P1000174 (2) (1)

P1000156 (2) (1)

P1000157 (2)


P1000127 (2)


P1000189 (2)

  • Peter Ward

    What a great wildlife adventure!

  • Tom

    Wow nice picture Alaska really has so much to offer, planning a Cruise there this year got a great deal with CruiseHolidays.

    Thanks for posting.


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