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Cruise Diary: Getting Ready to Join the Grand World Voyage

Journalist Charlotte Squarcy is getting ready to set sail on part of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she sent in a couple of pre-cruise posts. Enjoy!

Dateline – Fathomless Pit near NYC … my suitcase:
Help! MS Amsterdam set sail on the 2012 Grand Voyage last week without me … Makes sense as I’ll be boarding in Buenos Aires in just two weeks. but, tell that to my suitcase! How do you pack for Antarctica and Tahiti in the same journey?

HAL has done all it can to help – three self-laundries, fast turn around on dry cleaning, flat pricing for a bag of smalls, and there is plenty of storage for clothing. However, this is the Grand Voyage. And that means 9 formals in 32 days. Baby, that’s a lot of shoes – just to start.

Well, I wondered what made the Voyage so special and here is the first indication.

Dateline – the Village Pharmacy:
Just over a week to sail away and I’m choosing between packing clothing and pills. I’m confident Dutch mariners know the high seas, but the Grand Voyage is bound to encounter some swells. So I pass along the latest tip from the health food store to add to the sea bands, ear patch, aromatheraphy creams etc. It is a ginger wafer to nibble a few times a day. I suppose you will know me aboard, smelling like a gingerbread cookie left over from Christmas!

Honestly, with 9 formal nights and various medications for “just in case”, there is little room left. Especially when you can have leather clothing made for you in 5 hours in Buenos Aires! See, now that’s the kind of tip the on-board travel host will be giving throughout the cruise. Lesson for today – pack all black with colorful scarves and leave room in your suitcase…

Tune in for further reports of the unique adventure of sailing 1/2 way round the world and down one side and up the other of South America from the Antarctic Straits to Easter Island and beyond…

  • Tom & Carol


    Love your pre-cruise ‘getting the suitcase ready’ post. You are one excited gal.
    Keep ’em coming. (Suggestion to HAL: compile and post Charlotte’s entire trip journal blogs.)
    We’re experiencing the the cruise through her pen.)
    Tom & Carol

  • charlotte squarcy

    hey thanks Tom and Carol – I had a blog on the transAtlantic cruise with Capt Mercer as well last spring. It was shorter but with plenty of the feel of a long sea voyage and a reasonable price because it was a repositioning. Check out or Google or charlotte’sblog – watch for postings maybe every other day starting the 25 or 26th of jan and leave your comments for reply – happy to have you aboard -if only virtually!

  • Balazs Hungarian waiter in Barcelona

    Hi Charlotte!!!
    You have a nice blog!!! I hope tha we will see in one day anywhere! Nou I can’t go to Usa I’m waiting my baby going to leave in two montgs 🙂
    Best regars and hugges!!!

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