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Cruise Diary: Getting Ready to Join the Grand World Voyage

Journalist Charlotte Squarcy is getting ready to set sail on part of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she sent in another pre-cruise post. Enjoy!

Charlotte I watched the internet video of the Volendam in high seas this past Oct. south of the Falklands where the Grand Voyage of the Amsterdam will chart a course at the end of Jan. It actually reduced my anxiety about taking such a long journey of 32 days. As much as I enjoy adventure stories about Dutch mariners of long ago, my hat’s off to the Dutch seamen of today! Watch for updates from the Round the World Cruise from myself and others already aboard who set sail from Ft. Lauderdale on the 6th of Jan. We join the ship on the 24th to shoot film for Dutch TV. See you aboard. Come up and introduce yourselves to me! We’ll have some great fun on this voyage to adventure.

  • Balazs Barcelona waiter

    Nice blog!! Nice work 🙂
    Best regards from barcelona la flauta restaurant

  • Tom & Carol

    Hi, Charlotte…
    Suspect your anticipation level is at ‘da max’ with a handful of days remaining before the grand adventure begins. In the end, were you successful packing the evening gown complement? As the cruise evolves give us your daily ‘high-3’ fantastic moments. Have mucho fun for all of us, OK? Curious if you have a 32 day smart dining plan; how does one deal with the endless menu options?

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