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Cruise Diary: Favorites of a 3-Star Mariner – Favorite Crew Member

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte van Hoorn was on board Noordam for a Caribbean cruise and sent in posts during her voyage.

Favorites of a 3-Star Mariner – Favorite Crew Member


From the Mariner Society Luncheon, past the Chocolate Buffet and specialty dining evenings through to the last night’s Baked Alaska Parade of chefs, Executive Chef Joachim Barelmann and his kitchen staff made sure that I never entertained the thought of missing a meal … How does he manage such a variety of menu from three separate kitchens served hot and flavorful food for so many guests? Well, the answer becomes obvious when you learn that he trained at the Savoy in London and has served HAL guests for almost 20 years.

Having second-generation Indonesian staff in his kitchens contributes to the consistent quality of preparation, presentation and savory flavors. Besides dining, the Culinary Demonstration Kitchen programs tried to teach me how to cook a veal entree better or use spices more effectively. However, my interest was more in the crossover thought that food prep shows off HAL’s eco-friendly philosophy that is a concern to many of us.

Besides the rules at sea of limiting edibles’ exposure stringently, there are other procedures in place to monitor food choices of guests against inventory and adjusting portion sizes in response. Also the commitment to serving sustainable seafood influences menu selections as well. Even while in drydock, Chef will be serving 1,000 shipyard workers besides staff still aboard during the retrofitting. Thank you, Chef Barelmann, for your descriptions of what a viable community the Noordam’s shiplife is after our own holidays are over.



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  • Sylvia Rogers

    Vincent on the Ryndam! Best Concierge ever!!!

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