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Cruise Diary: Edifjord, Norway

Guest Elise recently sailed aboard Rotterdam with her daughter and shared her experience with us during their time on board. Enjoy!

Edifjord was a port that I did not know much about. I knew it was quaint and charming, but not much else. So we decided to take the Waterfalls and Waffles tour, and it was spectacular. We boarded a bus and drove through the mountains, making our way up the steep Mabodalen Valley. We actually drove through tunnels that went through the fjords. They were pitch black except for the headlights of our bus. We made our way to Voringsfossen Waterfall, which cascades nearly 600 feet down. It’s unfortunate that photos just can’t capture the beauty and power of this fall. We were told it is the second most visited tourist sight in all of Norway, and I can see why.

We then made our way to the Sysen Dam. This is where a little bit of rain and snow greeted us. We were making our way to 1,000 meters above sea level, so I was not surprised at the change in climate from when we started to now. However, it didn’t last long and we were still able to snap some beautiful photos.

Following another stop where we enjoyed coffee, tea and traditional Norwegian waffles, we made our way back down through the fjords where we were lucky enough to see more incredible views thanks to sunny skies.

We even were able to get a clear view of the glacier, which was clouded over during our stop at the dam just an hour prior.

This was our last port, and we enjoyed every call. They were all different and showcased the best of Norway. I am glad we chose to do a tour in each port because I know we saw highlights from each place. Tomorrow is our last day, a sea day, and it will be our last chance to relax and enjoy all of the daily activities before returning home and to our regular lives. We’ll make the most of it and do everything we can to enjoy the day.

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  • andrew johnson

    i was there on different tour – which was amazing 🙂

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