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Cruise Diary: Easter Island and Sailing the Pacific

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for segment of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she is chronicling her journey. Enjoy!


Easter Island
When it comes right down to it, a world cruise is meant to satisfy the stuff of legends and Easter Island’s Moai certainly fit that category. To visit the quarry and view the statues in situ was more moving than to see where other statues had been re-erected around the island to perpetuate the customs of the long lost Polynesian culture that had spent so much effort to produce them.

Another memory of the day is the effort by so many of the crew members who assisted with a difficult tender landing. The four-foot swells created the need for a three-point transfer. [My advice] is don’t wait till you are too old to enjoy such an adventure. If you don’t have the time for a entire world cruise then sign on for a segment as I did and you will be hooked.

The Good Life
Today was sublime. The water and air temperature at this latitude on the heading to Pitcairn Island is 79 degrees. Forgoing all my classes, I am reading of the great sailors’ travails in rounding the horn by Murray Channel. Obviously, the Captain had his reasons for our steering wide of the mark to miss foul weather, but I had had my heart set on unfurling the Flag of Hoorn from the city’s mayor for a toast to those of Dutch blood, then and now, who conquered their fears and Cape Horn since Willem Schouten in 1616.

I have to say that the lecture series about the explorations of the Pacific and the great oceans of the world have been so meaningful since we are right here, looking at the very same waters and their deep, deep ultramarine hue, topped with a silver sheen of reflected tropical sunshine.

After a day of lolling about, topped with a piña colada, a thermal suite hour of steam and laying on a towel-covered ceramic chair amid circulating water that almost always puts me to sleep, I prepared for a fine dinner with Bart, a seven-year vet of culinary operations. Three bottles of wine later we had solved all the world’s problems, very few of which were on the ship!

I guess the point is that this is such a complete escape – to sail the world’s oceans in search of it’s treasures – that it is a lifestyle for a number of guests who repeat the experience whenever they can. HAL has had a great deal of experience in catering to the expectations of the clientele and the line’s high percentage of repeat cruisers is a testament to the achievement of the line in meeting expectations, including mine.

  • Linda Boyd

    glad you are having fun….wish I were there

  • Marielle

    Enjoying your stories and very jealous! Seems you are having lots of fun! Say hello to Peter for me.

  • Diane VanDerbeek

    Hey Char: Saw your note on Facebook about the cruise. Looks like fun. Say hi to Peter and enjoy.

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