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Cruise Diary: Down to the Sea In ‘Sips’

Days 43-44, Feb. 17-18:

“Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink,” may have been the cry of the Ancient Mariner, but today’s cruise passengers definitely are well hydrated. In fact, on the Amsterdam, you might say, we are going down to the sea in “sips” as we can “sip” our way around the world during our 112-day circumnavigation of the planet.

To give you an idea of all we have available to imbibe, here is partial list of liquid libations available onboard that are typically consumed each week:

*2,212 liters of bottled water
*1,680 bottles/cans of assorted beers
*1,155 bottles of red wine
*1,323 bottles of white wine
*4,000 quarts of dairy

Steward serving sips poolside at the Lido Bar.

Steward serving sips poolside at the Lido Bar.

If you have been reading this blog, you already know about the trays of cool lemonade stewards offer in the outer decks when we are cruising in warm waters like now as we sail from Papeete in Tahiti to Pago Pago in American Samoa, and you also know about the hot chocolate, Dutch pea soup and hot bouillon the staff serves us out on deck and in the lounges to keep us comfortable between meals during the day in cold regions. From fresh-squeezed orange juice and fresh brewed coffee for breakfast, to something tall and cool by the pool at noon, to afternoon tea, to pre-dinner cocktails and after-dinner cordials, nobody has to go thirsty! There are daily drink specials that often bring the flavors of the regions we are visiting onboard, as daiquiris and mojitos in the Caribbean, caipirinhas while in Brazil, and so on. And a variety of watering holes in which to enjoy them, including poolside bars. Happy Hours provide two-for-one specials.

Wine lovers have not been forgotten, in addition to an extensive wine list, there are optional themed wine-tastings in the ship’s intimate Pinnacle Grill alternative restaurant. During our world cruise, seven of these events, hosted by the ship’s Cellar Master, delve into the history and legend of seven of the most influential men of wine including Robert Mondavi, Baron de Rothschild, and Thomas Jefferson (who invented the first wine bottle elevator to his wine cellar). At each event, guests sample a variety of wines. A variety of beverage packages are available during our world cruise including a wine package and water bottle packages – we signed up for the latter and each morning about 10 a.m., Ernesto (he refers to himself as “the water man”) knocks softly on our stateroom door and brings us two one-liter bottles of mineral water. The poor Ancient Mariner would trade places with us in a heartbeat!

Ernesto 'the water man’' bringing bottled water to our cabin.

Ernesto 'the water man’' bringing bottled water to our cabin.

Wine steward at Mongolian cookout on Lido deck.

The wine steward at the Mongolian cookout on the Lido deck.

Freelance travel writer Georgina Cruz and her husband Humberto are currently sailing on Amsterdam’s 112-day Grand World Voyage and will be sending in cruise diaries throughout their time on board. She has logged 174 voyages to all seven continents and visited more than 100 countries.

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