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Cruise Diary: Did Juneau how Beautiful Juneau is?

Patricia Stone, Owner and Founder of Global Adventures, sailed on a 7-day Inside Passage Cruise visiting Alaska on Zuiderdam with her family. Enjoy reading about their adventure. This post was written by LaDawn S. and Jennifer M.

Juneau offers a range of activities for families to enjoy. Our group included grandpa, 5 parents and 7 very active grandsons. There’s a lot to do, so we split up into a couple groups. Here are a few of the activities we experienced during our 1 day visit to Juneau. Chum Fun Salmon Catching experience–the Chum Salmon offers the most sought after caviar in the world. Caviar is not much of a draw for seven boys ages 6-14, BUT being able to CATCH them??? That’s a different story! Paul and Michelle, natives of Alaska, are two of the nicest and most engaging people you can meet, and they know fishing.


They have found a niche experience for families that is a “must do” when you come to Juneau. Different from the open water fishing excursion boats, which are more expensive, and are set up so the boat crew catches and often reels in your fish for you, with Chum Fun it’s different, and better in our opinion. With Chum Fun, you and your kids get to hold your own reel, cast your own lines, and reel in the big ones by yourself. Paul and Michelle provide the head to toe rain gear (if needed, and we did), all other supplies (except a $20-30 required fishing license for adults), and plenty of help during your fish-catching experience.

The dock and shore format of this fishing adventure works great because throughout the whole summer and early fall, the Chum, Sockeye, King, Silver and Pink salmon make their way through this Alaskan waterway. I forgot how exhilarating it was to catch a fish! In fact, my sons and nephews were catching BIG salmon and I was equally as excited that I caught a cute, little Dolly Varden! Also, the fish hatchery nearby also has numerous aquariums with an impressive array of Alaskan sea life if you have a few extra minutes.



Alaska Ziplining – Gin and Davy have created something special in Juneau.

You don’t need to go on a plane to soar over the beautiful Alaskan rain forest, just harness in and fly through it! You did read that correctly…this region hosts the largest temperate rain forest in the world, and this is a thrilling adventure for all ages to explore the canopy over the home of black bears, trees 100s of years old, and rushing rivers. Alaska Ziplining has a 100% safety rating, and they use a built-in braking system which is not only safer, but allows young children, elderly or timid zippers to have a blast. They love and protect the forest they have the privilege to work in, are Eco-certified, and if you want to bring your own camera or GoPro (they have the mount to put it on your helmet), you are welcome. They run rain or shine. We know, because it was raining pretty hard when we went, but it didn’t stop our fast, ziplining FUN!



Mendenhall Glacier – just a few miles from the heart of Juneau, we visited Mendenhall Glacier and hiked the 20 minute trail to Nuggett Falls. We even saw a black bear on the side of the trail. The Park Rangers are very helpful with trail maps and any questions you may have.



Pack Creek Outfitters – if you want to visit Admiralty Island to view the largest concentration of brown bears in the world, call Pack Creek Outfitters to arrange for a private guided tour. The day before we arrived, this lucky family got to see bears playing in the water at Pack Creek Bay, and then a sow and cubs Bears walking by. Due to inclement weather, unfortunately our flight was cancelled and the only brown bear we saw was encased at the Juneau airport.



Before you venture out, we highly recommend you bring along a pair of sturdy hiking boots. Grandpa bought a pair of Merrell boots about a month before the trip to break these boots in for his hikes. He commented often about how comfortable his Merrell boots were!


Hungry? Stop by Tracy’s King Crab Shack at 350 S Franklin St and you’ll feast on the best King Crab Legs! They are amazing!!


Need a Ride? Juneau Limousine Service – Jeff, the owner, will pick you up with first class service and drive you in style.

IMG_6459 (1)


Interesting Fact – did you know? Juneau is the only U.S. capital accessible exclusively by air or boat—no roads going in or out of Juneau.

To read more visit Patricia’s blog here.

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