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Cruise Diary: Crow’s Nest

Dr. Deborah Wheeler is a travel writer who currently is on board Zaandam and will be sending in blog posts from her cruise.

I am sitting in the lovely Crow’s Nest right now writing blogs. This is one of my favorite spots on the ship. The views are great and the music is relaxing. This fave location also has entertainment in the evenings. They have a great happy hour and a fun atmosphere every night.

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  • Dr. Jim Gates

    We just left the Zaandam on Jan 19 (circling Hawaii) and look back fondley to our many days at sea. The best memories were: talking with Louie, bar tender in the Crow’s Nest, concerning his family in the Phillipines; watching people walk during a very bumpy portion, hearing many people ask “What Day is it? and hearing others say just go over to the elevator and find out” to being involved in the fun mixology sessions. We loved Amanda our 27-year old Party Planner, Louie, and the morning Promenade walkers. I diligently attempted to complete the daily trivia contest, tried to take all of the Tech classes, play a little on the slot machines (very little), stop to view people. I could write about all of our great events aboard, but it would take you many hours to read.

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