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Cruise Diary: Corfu, Greece

On June 13 we took the Paleokastritsa & Corfu tour. In Paleokastrista there is a monastery of the Virgin Mary with only six monks living there and an Ionian style basilica. This resort town has beautiful beaches and views of the surrounding mountains. All over the area is a profusion of trees and bushes with brightly colored flowers. The tour also visited a lookout at Kanoni which offered a view of several small islands and a cafe for refreshments. Next we stopped in the town of Corfu and visited the basilica of St. Spiridon, patron saint of Corfu. His solid silver casket is housed in the church. We were told that many local people visit this shrine to kiss the casket and pray before going to work. The casket is carried through city streets on religious holidays. While we were there, an elderly woman was weeping and kissing the casket. We can imagine that it was a very meaningful moment for this woman. — Janet

Janet Bell is currently cruising the Mediterranean on board Noordam. She will be updating us throughout her voyage.

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