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Cruise Diary: Bora Bora

Guest Lynda Gavigan Halttunen and her husband Don sent us several great posts from their 30-day South Pacific cruise on Westerdam. Enjoy “cruising” with them!

Today we stopped in Bora Bora for two days! The morning sun rising over the mountain was spectacular. The first day we took the local $5 shuttle bus to the beach and had lunch at Bloody Mary’s restaurant. A man on the ship from Seattle — Joe — chatted with us and told us that he had participated in building the restaurant with sand floors. His wife is from Moorea.

The moon over the sea in the early mooning was beautiful. This is where they filmed an episode of “Amazing Race.” The hut shaped hotels over the water cost over $1000/night. The second day we somewhat successfully were able to check e-mail at the Aloha Café.

Bora Bora 4

Bora Bora 3

Bora Bora

Bora Bora 11

Bora Bora 10

Bora Bora 9

Bora Bora 8

Bora Bora 7

Bora Bora 6

Bora Bora 5

Bora Bora 2

Bora Bora 1

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  • Trennie A

    Would you recommend this intinerary to someone else? Are there enough onboard activities scheduled during the at sea days? Is there enough food available in the public restaurants during late night hours? Trying to decide between Holland and another cruiseline for this same itinerary. Please help!

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