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Cruise Diary: A Fine French Dinner As We Approach French Polynesia

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for segment of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she is chronicling her journey. Enjoy!


Bonjour, mon amis! Six courses later I am resurfacing from the fabulous dinner at Pinnacle Grill. It really is a must just for the way we were mixed and matched at the tables, bistro style, to enjoy food and wine pairings in celebration of our entry into French waters. A description of one of the dishes: Truffled Lobster Fricassee en croûte with fennel frond — scrumptious!

For me, though, the delight was the company. Besides my friend from San Diego, there was another Californian as well as a woman who is a veteran of world cruises and has lived in three different countries and about five U.S. states. To top it off was a Belgian man who was ever so charming. His only requirement was that we understood that Jacques Brel was not French, but Belgian!

He gave me a new idea to think about when he mentioned he may take a trip out of Rotterdam next year with a similar itinerary to the world tour. There is quite a lot of tweaking apparently, perhaps to the wine sets and menus, depending on the demographic makeup of the guests. So if I wanted an even more interesting experience and/or another chance to practice my French, Dutch, etc., then I should keep those sailings in mind.

I began to realize that we are safely across half of the Pacific Ocean now as I gather a few addresses of new friends. Those who have meant the most to me are the most different types of people on board. We have enjoyed exchanging our perspectives on life and with much humor. I really don’t think that the average American you might think is on board are among those I will see again ashore. Thanks Holland America for such an international experience here in the middle of the deep blue sea!

Now, where is the suntan lotion? Tahiti tomorrow!

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