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Cruise Diary: A Call to All Foodies

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for segment of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she is chronicling her journey. Enjoy!

Pinnacle Grill Manager Kim prepping the staff at for fine dining venue.

Pinnacle Grill Manager Kim prepping the staff for the special fine dining menu for the evening ahead.

I am more than satisfied with all the selections in the Fontaine Room and I actually know a few tips. For example, I have escargot every night as a standing order and at the end of the meal there is a special request listing of 15 fine cheeses with accompaniments you can order from – outstanding! Even tonight I found out I can purchase an aperitif glass with logo that will magically appear with my Limoncello at then end of my meal, forever after. Well, I think I have a few ideas for some new traditions at home! But of course, these are the special touches that you expect from a five-star resort with fine dining. Our location in the true middle of the ocean really meets its mark.

If you think I am overly enthusiastic, please consider that all the prep in the kitchen, dressing of the tables and flower arrangements are all up a notch on a voyage this special, especially since Master Chef Rudi Sodamin is “in the house,” so to speak. There are specialty dinners planned; French Murder Mystery evenings written by our Cruise Director Bruce; special food and wine pairings chosen by Cellar Master Ingo; and the list goes on. I think I am losing the fight to not put on a pound. Thank goodness for Rene’s Spa Specials and all the guys in the gym for helping me hold steady to “no carbs.”

Finally, a beautiful sunset as we emerge from some foul weather. I’m not that good of a sailor, but with the help of the ear patch, I have to say that the ship is a good size to handle the waves we encountered in Punta Arenas that caused us to layover an extra day.

P.S. If any of you have been commenting on the blog, I’m sorry. It takes a lot of time to get through the satellite connection as so many guests have their own WiFi device on board. I promise to check my blog posts on my return and to reply to you then. I’m taking a vacation from my emails and just want to vegetate for the next few thousand miles of sailing the Pacific. I might even treat myself to Carol’s watercolor classes twice a day if I can find time after computer class and before bridge class!

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