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Florida Students Show Their Appreciation to HAL

Sheridan Park Elementary went out of their way to thank us for the computer donations including the thank you notes we received yesterday, a bulletin board dedicated to HAL and signage outside the school. Children and staff from the elementary school in Hollywood, Fla., had a Holland America Line Day to show their appreciation for the Sony Vaio laptops that they received from our ships who dock at Port Everglades, Florida. The children decorated a bulletin board and made cards to show their thanks for the laptops that were added to the portable computer lab that rotates through their classrooms. Previously, they did not have enough laptops for all the children in a classroom, though their curriculum includes computer work in math, science and reading.

Pamela Baade is Holland America Line’s manager of corporate giving.

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  • Joan Hopke

    Keep up the good work in donating to the USA as well as throughout the world.

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