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Exotic South Pacific & Fine Dining with Captain Mercer

Since departing Easter Island, ms Amsterdam has sailed a westerly course toward the South Pacific. Here is a recap of Captain Mercer’s blog posts. You can read them in their entirety on his blog,

Pitcairn Island, Jan. 24:
We sighted the island when 35 miles away, no challenges with our latitude and longitude compared to the 1700’s. 🙂


The Islanders have their longboat storage house in Bounty Bay. There is small man-made breakwater which provides some shelter from the incessant Pacific swells and the north-westerly winds and as we approached the bay, the longboat, crowded to the gunwales with occupants came out to meet us. (Someone must have ‘drawn the short straw’ as they were left to look after the island).


Meanwhile, the Islanders set up ‘shop’ on the Lido deck, items of all shapes and sizes filled the stalls around the entire deck and guests eagerly pounced. There was also a small post office, where guests could buy cards and stamps; these would then be taken back to the island and mailed. (For those of you who will expect a unique card from Pitcairn, you’re in for a wait, the next Mail ship doesn’t arrive until March; this is taking ‘snail mail’ to an extreme!)


Read more about Pitcairn Island HERE.

Papeete, Jan. 27:
We docked at 7 a.m. having entered the small harbour through a gap in the reef, approximately 60m wide … It’s hot and humid 86F/30C and guests don’t stay out long. Even I, who should be used to such heat, find it difficult as I go ashore to take some photos.



Read more about Papeete HERE.

Moorea, Jan. 28:
The lagoon provides a nice lee from the swell and our tender operations run smoothly; guests off to swim with rays, go sailing, 4-wheel drive, have beach breaks and the one I would have liked to do, a photography expedition. Unfortunately, I am unable to make it, this time at least.

I do manage to jump into a tender though, during a quiet period and I, along with other officers took a jaunt across the lagoon on a photo shoot. Typically, after long periods of sun, it decided to cloud over and even rain, so don’t be fooled or disappointed by the photos; it really is turquoise-blue water and sandy beaches.



Read more about Moorea HERE.

Bora Bora, Jan. 29:
Bora Bora is, in my estimation at least, the loveliest of the islands we have visited. A mountainous interior, surrounded by the most beautiful lagoon, sheltered from the Pacific swell and winds; turquoise water and soft, soft sand. I did my usual ‘jaunt’ ashore for these photos and came back dripping, most uncomfortable.




I have to confess that, in these climes, I find myself yearning for the ‘rig’ (uniform) that I used to wear in the tropics. Outside today, the heat is stifling and humid and wearing long, black trousers is uncomfortable, to say the least. Below is (an embarrassing) photo of what I used to wear, I’d like the hair too and I thought long and hard before I posted it, but what the heck, in for a penny…….. ’tis me on the left 😉


Read more about Bora Bora HERE.

Captain’s Dinner, Feb. 6:
I have previously mentioned the Captain’s Dinner and yesterday evening was such an occasion. On each dinner, approximately 50 guests are invited to participate, if they are sailing the full Grand World Voyage. Over the course of a World Cruise the officers and I will ‘eat our way round’ the world 😉 . We will have 14 dinners, as we have approximately 700 guests who are circumnavigating the globe. Those other guests on board are sailing ‘segments’, or parts of the cruise…


My table at the dinner.

My table at the dinner.



To read more about the Captain’s Dinner, click HERE.

If you could dine with Captain Mercer at his table, what one question would you be sure to ask him? Tell us in the comments below.

To read more about Captain Mercer’s adventures on the Grand World Voyage, visit his blog:

  • Lloyd & Dee Bankson

    Hello Captain

    We are in the cold and wet of the Northwest and look forward to joining you in Hong Kong
    and the cruise to Ft. Lauderdale.
    Lloyd and Dee

  • Jeannine Cardinal

    I love your explanations. They are very interesting and your photos are great. I was on the World Tour twice and this blog makes me feel blue for sure. Congratulations Captain Mercer, I don’t know you but I do remember how special is this voyage and how nice are all the crew members.

    Thank you for these nice moments.

    Jeannine Cardinal

  • Alex Thurman

    My wife and I are eager to join the cruise in Hong Kong. I heard there are now pickleball lines on the sports deck. One more thing to enjoy.

    Alex and Yolanda

  • Jacquelyn Hodge

    I am absolutely enjoying your World Cruise blog! Your pictures seem to capture the souls of the individuals as well as the heartbeat of the land/seascapes…simply wonderful. I was especially interested the the Manila port…my brother served in the US Airforce and lived in Manila for several years…he also met and married his wife there!! Thank you for sharing your travels…maybe someday I’ll get to join you for one of these phenomenal cruise adventures!

    God Bless.

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