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Captain’s Log: The Challenge of Haiti’s Coastline

I am sure everyone is wondering why its so hard to get help into Haiti.

Here are a couple pictures of the coastline of Haiti that tell the story.

Most of Haiti is mountainous terrain. There are very few roads and so its not so easy to get around. Apart from Port au Prince there are NO modern ports in Haiti.

The existing settlements on the coast like the one at Cap Carcasse just north of Cap Tiburon, are at best little fishing villages with little or no contact to the outside world. Landing large amounts of supplies there is useless because transportation is literally sometimes a dugout canoe just like in the stone age.

The fishing boat in the picture is way modern by Haitian standards but I wouldn’t want to go further than a couple miles in it.

Best regards,

Captain Werner Timmers
Master ms Zuiderdam

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