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Captain’s Log: Sailing Into Willemstad in 1.5 minutes

A couple weeks ago I posted what the typical approach looks like in Willemstad, Curaçao, when we dock at the Matthey Werf, fighting the wind and current all the way into St. Annabaai.

The drift angle in the approach is usually about 15 degrees, and it always looks like we are going to hit the Waterfort on the east side of the entrance until we turn the bow slightly to port to pass the fort safely.

Through the magic of time-lapse filming we can now show it to you in about a minute. The whole evolution took about 45 minutes.

This short video was shot taking one picture every two seconds. The ship in the beginning of the video is the Ocean Village 2 (former Crown Princess) and she also goes into Curaçao. She docked at the Prins Hendrik Werf, and toward the end of the video you can see her backing to the dock in the background, before her the Boudicca (former Royal Viking Sky, named after the British warrior queen that beat the Romans around A.D. 60) went in to the St. Annabaai (this is the official name of the channel we dock in) and she can be seen coming out of the Schottegat (the inland lagoon of Curaçao) and docked at the Nieuwe Werf just past the bridge at the end of the video.

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