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Captain’s Log: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, Feb. 14

On Feb. 14 the Zuiderdam was at Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Limon is the major cargo port for Costa Rica on the east coast. Everything in and out of the country goes through this port and Puerto Moin, just a bit to the north.

The major export is bananas. The ships used to be loaded by hand. You might remember a song “Hey Mr. Tally man, tally me banana”, now it goes by container.

You might recognize the brand.


Puerto Limon is also historically significant as it is the place where Columbus touched Costa Rican soil on his fourth voyage. He set up camp at Isla Uvita, a small island just outside the harbor.

Sherron and myself were treated a few years ago to a reenactment of that historical day when we did the inaugural call of the Zaandam to Limon.

To us it was a hysterical day as the actors were not quite Oscar material.

Isla Uvita is visible behind the containership “Rotterdam.”


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  • bosun hank

    Thanks for the posts Captain! We’ll be with you in April. Really looking forward to the cruise, I’ve been in Trinidad for most of the time from September so I’m ready for R&R

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