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Captain’s Log: Medicine 101

During my short time off the Eurodam I traveled to Holland together with Eurodam Chief Officer Emiel de Vries to attend the Masters Medical Limited training in Vlissingen.

The Eurodam’s safe manning certificate stipulates that the master must have some form of medical training. This is also because our captain’s certificate of competency is valid on cargo ships as well where there is no medical care available like we have on Eurodam.

This training needs to be done every five years, and since it is company policy to have their chief officers fully qualified as master, Emiel went along.

This course includes CPR training, use of automated external defibrillators, knowledge of drugs, tropical diseases, bandages, splints and slings, stabilizing patients and treatment of shock and hypothermia.

In this picture I have a pressure bandage on and my arm supported in a sling, nicely put on by Emiel. No fractures thankfully!


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