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Captain’s Log: March 21, Haiti’s Solenodon

While sailing along the coasts of strange lands I always wonder what is out there. The unknown brings out the explorer in me, I guess.

However, I was stumped by Haiti for a long time. We don’t stop there with the ship, but we sail by Haiti as we transit the Windward Passage
between Haiti and Cuba, and from the sea it looks mountainous and totally wild.

We see little boats with fisherman almost every cruise, but the green mountains remain a mystery.

The Internet doesn’t have much information on what goes on there, but I finally found something intriguing.

I stumbled across the solenodon and I feel the need to share this discovery with you even though it has nothing to do with cruising or the ship.


Almost extinct, the solenodon is one of only four poisonous mammals on the planet (the Australian platypus and two species of European shrew being
the others).

They look a bit like a big rat but with a long nose. They are nocturnal burrowers. No wonder they were thought extinct for a long time.

While carnivorous, they eat mostly insects.

Here is a Web site with some more info.

The solenodon is one of many species that needs our help to survive by taking better care of our planet. I hope I have raised your awareness just a little bit.

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