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Captain’s Log: Jan. 6, San Juan

Aboard Eurodam

Captain van Donselaar

Greetings blog readers!

After a long and a very enjoyable time off I have returned to the Eurodam! I took command of the ship again on Saturday morning in Port Everglades, thereby sending my colleague Jonathan on a well-deserved vacation.

It was good to see the Eurodam again and so many of her crew members and officers that I worked with during my first assignment on her, it was almost as if I had not left!

I had left, of course, and a lot has happened since my debarkation on October 1st in Quebec. After spending a week and a half in Maine for some initial R&R, Pam and I drove down to Long Island to our new home where we had only moved into in February. I had not seen it since April, so it was a very good homecoming. In my absence, however, not only the greenery around the house had substantially grown but so had the “Honey-do” list ….

I spent most of my time off doing projects in and around the house, and looking back, I am very pleased with what I was able to accomplish. Some major feats were the installation of Belgian blocks along our driveway and private road, planting 30 small Leyland Cypresses, painting the garage floor and walls, and installing many light fixtures in the house. As my father and mother and my sister and brother-in-law were coming over for the holidays, I had to get the various guest bedrooms and bathrooms ready as well.

So in the end the “Honey do” list did not get any shorter, as I worked my way from the top, someone kept adding to it at the bottom …. But as I say there is always the next leave and one has to have something to look forward to!

The holidays were very good as we brought both our families together. This meant preparing a Christmas dinner for ten. Normally, Pam and I do not cook together (I cook – she makes the reservations), but in this case we teamed up and it all came together beautifully, amongst other things we had shrimp bisque and poached salmon with dill sauce and lemon risotto and Pam’s chocolate lava cake.

Now that I am back on the Eurodam I am looking forward to the Caribbean spring season. I am on board until March 14th when Jonathan returns. As you know we are deployed on the seven-day eastern Caribbean Saturday run with stops in Grand Turk (one of my favorites), San Juan, Saint Thomas and Half Moon Cay.

There will be some variety as the ship has been chartered on several occasions giving us slightly altered itineraries and some different ports.

Yesterday we called at Grand Turk, which we shared with the Statendam.

Best wishes and happy cruising,

Captain Jeroen van Donselaar

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