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Captain’s Log: It’s Not a Penguin

As we sail through Alaska we see quite a few birds. For a navigator like myself most of those birds fall in a few categories. It’s either a Bald Eagle or another bird. Alas ornithology is not my strong suit but every once in a while there is a surprise out there.

The other day while sailing around in the fog we got a little feathered friend to help us look out. He landed on the railing right in front of the bridge, probably because he couldn’t see which way his island was. I sent his picture to the rangers in Glacier Bay for identification and it turns out to be fresh hatch year yellow warbler. When we had a little lifting of the fog so did our friend but it was a neat surprise in a small package.

Werner Timmers is Zuiderdam’s captain.

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  • Linda Rijkaart

    I don’t often have a chance to look at the BLOGs but someone brought this to my attention and I believe I remember you from my years sailing. I wanted to let you know how sweet that was to see and how happy I am that you shared it along with the dialogue. Thanks Werner

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