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Captain’s Log: Helping Out an Old Friend

Misran, Captain van Coevorden’s long-time steward, in his new wheelchair.

I met Misran when I first joined the cruise ships in 1973 as a second officer. Since then he always made sure that he was on the same ship with me as captain’s steward until he retired either in the late nineties or beginning of the 2000s. My previous captain’s steward on the Statendam, Romy, who currently is on board the Volendam, managed to locate Misran in the city of Bangkalan on the island of Madura.

Since my arrival on the Volendam, I have made arrangements to get Misran on board in Semarang. As Misran had problems with walking, Hotel Manager Robert Versteeg decided to donate a brand new wheel chair. Unfortunately, two days prior to our arrival in Semarang, Misran suffered from a stroke and could consequently not come on board in Semarang. The wheel chair was delivered to Misran by Romy’s relatives, as can be seen in the pictures.

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