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Captain’s Log: Glacier Bay

Aboard Zuiderdam

Today was my first call in Glacier Bay in two years, and it’s surprising that even after 25 years and over 300 visits the place still excites me.

Laying in front of the glacier waiting for some calving is like watching paint dry or grass grow, but not exactly. You know that every moment can be that time that the whole front of the glacier collapses in a roar of white thunder.

So anticipation builds with every bit of ice that crumbles off. Today we had some nice calvings, but alas not the “Big One.”

Maybe next call.


We were joined in our glacier watching today by a couple of harbor seals. They were perfectly happy on their little float.


The glacier in the picture is my favorite place in the bay, Johns Hopkins inlet.

The shot is from six miles away due to entry restriction because of seal pupping season, but in September when the restrictions are lifted we should be able to get a bit closer.

Best Regards,

Captain Werner Timmers
Master ms Zuiderdam

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