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Captain’s Log: Glacier Bay Earthquake

Aboard Volendam.

Today during our visit to Glacier Bay the Volendam felt an earthquake that had its epicenter approx 20 miles NNW from the ship. The whole ship started shuddering, the bridge immediately pulled back the throttles and called ECR [engine control room] to ask if everything was all right down there. Tanks were checked on the screens, and a person was asked to look over the bow at the bulb to see if by accident a whale had been hit since the ship was in 350-meter-deep water, so running aground was not the most logical choice even if that was suspected, but all positions checked out OK.

When the all clear was given by the ECR, speed was increased again and approximately one hour later we got confirmation from the local marine radio station that an earthquake had occurred and they asked if we had felt anything. An announcement was made for the guests as well to explain this. A little bit later I was able to pull this off the Internet.

Local Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009
Local Time: 03:24 PM AKDT
Universal Time: 06/07/2009 23:24:35.733 UTC
Magnitude: 5.10 ML
Latitude: 58.7781
Longitude: -136.6676
Depth: 3 miles (6 km)
Author: UAF:dutylap

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